Free on-site repair
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Free on-site repair

Due to the on-site personnel training during installation, join the professional staff training at Haisheng Headquarters, or the online technical support provided by Haisheng, the customer has the opportunity to solve the problems independently.

However, when the equipment is used for a long time, the improper use of the equipment, or some unexpected accidents may cause some relatively complicated malfunctions of the equipment, which requires professional repairing.

Haisheng's engineers are responsible for free on-site repairs worldwide, in order to ensure the customer's equipment is functioning properly.

Under the premise that the customer has the necessary spare parts and other materials, if customers have urgent or special requirements, Haisheng can provide emergency on-site repair service within 24 hours worldwide.

Advantages of Haisheng on-site repair

  • Free on-site repairs worldwide

  • The service includes the repairing of the high pressure pump and the components and parts of the high pressure pump.

  • All components and parts are produced by Haisheng original factory.

  • Research and analyze problems brought by third parties, such as unreasonable settings of production lines or the working environments of the equipment.

  • Suggestions for improvements caused by third parties from Haisheng engineers, when necessary, Haisheng engineers can participate in the discussion and research of the improvement program, or modify Haisheng products for customers.

THaisheng's home repair service is designed to help customers solve urgent problems. This allows customers to get a good experience with high pressure pump products.

In order to provide sufficient technical staff to provide better service to customers, free on-site repairing service is only open for Haisheng's high-pressure pump customers, or Haisheng one-stop customers.

Service fee is charged for emergency on-site repair.

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