Upgrade and transformation
Upgrade and transformation

Haisheng high pressure pump itself has stable, reliable and durable quality. However, if the customer demand changes, high-pressure pump products also need to be upgraded and modified. These reasons may be: changes in laws and regulations, changes in production processes, changes in industrial processes, changes in production needs, and so on.

The range of upgrades and modifications covers all customizable options for Haisheng high pressure pump products. In addition, the latest material and high-pressure pump manufacturing technology will be applied in Haisheng's upgrades and retrofits processes to fully utilize the customer's equipment without repurchasing a new pump.

Advantages of Haisheng high pressure pump and system upgrade

  • Haisheng's products are highly customized, so the potential for upgrading and transformation is enormous

  • Professional engineer on-site planning upgrade or transformation project

  • On-site installation and commissioning

  • Free on-site customer guidance

  • Enjoy the same after-sales service policy as new products

Generally, there are two main reasons for upgrading and retrofitting high-pressure pumps and systems. One is that the working capacity of existing high-pressure pumps cannot meet the escalating production standards. The other is a major change in the application area or production process.

Under any circumstance, Haisheng's engineering group can design the best upgrade and transformation plan according to the customer's needs and put it into use quickly.

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