Free replacement of parts of high pressure pump lifetime
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Free replacement of parts of high pressure pump lifetime

Some parts of the high-pressure pump will have normal wear during daily use, but the wear level of each component has a corresponding standard.

Haisheng promises to provide brand new replacements for customers free of charge if the wear occurs in normal use and exceeding the prescribed limits.

Each high-pressure pump unit comes with a complimentary repair kit containing the necessary repair tools and some accessories.

In addition,some parts in the repair kit that come with the equipment will continue to be offered to customers free of charge after use.

Advantages of life-time free replacement service in Haisheng

  • All products are produced by Haisheng original factory

  • Eliminate customer concerns when using Haisheng high pressure pump products

  • Fast coordination

The free replacement policy is derived from Haisheng's high confidence on the pump quality and perfect after-sales service system. The high-pressure pump products and components manufactured by Haisheng have a number of patented technologies. Under normal conditions of use, excessive wear or damage of parts is a very low probability. In the event of such a problem, Haisheng will provide replacement parts for customers urgently. All the services that Haisheng customers service Dept. Provided is protecting the normal production and industrial processes of customers.

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