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Online technical support and other consulting

Haisheng's pre-sales customer service conducts special discussion and analysis on the problems raised by customers to help customers solve problems. It can help non-Haisheng customers or non-Haisheng products to deal with current emergencies or make diagnostic plans online for reference.

At the same time, the pre-sales customer service staffs are also responsible for providing answers to all questions related to the product and cooperation, such as: purchase process, transportation method, financial policy, product introduction and so on.

Advantages of Haisheng pre-sales online technical support

  • Pre-sales customer service is completely free and open to all interested customers

  • All professional advice is provided by professional staff

  • Help customers deal with urgent technical problems and equipment failures

  • Improve customer awareness of high pressure pump products

  • Improve customer productivity

Haisheng's pre-sales online technical support not only provides services to Haisheng's customers, but also provides services to all high-pressure pump users and intended customers of high-pressure pump products.

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