High pressure pump components and parts
High pressure pump components and parts

Haisheng's products have excellent quality, but some parts will wear out due to normal wear and tear, or long-term overload. Therefore, spare parts are necessary, they can be used quickly to solve some emergencies.

Haisheng is not only a manufacturer of high-pressure pump products, but also a manufacturer of high-pressure pump parts. Haisheng independently develops, produces, and sells various types of high-pressure pump components. These components include, but are not limited to, plungers, valves, pump bodies, crankshafts, and so on.

Each high pressure pump sold by Haisheng is guaranteed to provide components and parts for maintenance, repair and replacement for life. Haisheng prepares at least one complete set of parts and components for each high-pressure pump sold to meet the urgent needs of customers.

Advantages of HAIS high pressure pump components and parts

  • Consummate raw material processing technology

  • Excellent supply chain system

  • Huge parts inventory

  • Support global express delivery

  • Worldwide shipment or within 48 hours

Haisheng has a number of subsidiaries specializing in the production of high-pressure pump components and parts.

Haisheng's components and parts cover different materials, different models and different sizes.

Part of the spare parts will be included in the repair kit prepared by Haisheng when the product is delivered.

The separate customization and purchase of spare parts are available in Haisheng.

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