Free online technical support, guidance, and remote repair
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Free online technical support, guidance, and remote repair

Due to the force majeure factors and complex working environment during the industrial process, it is the most important point to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the product. Comparing with the research and development of new products or the installation and commissioning of equipment, to deal with emergencies for customers is the first priority for Hasisheng technical group.

Haisheng's technical group will be organized urgently to analyze the problems encountered by customers and guide customers to eliminate equipment obstacles remotely.

The technical group can solve most of the problems related to HAIS pump online efficiently and assist customers to restore the normal operation of the equipment.

After-sales online technical support also provides professional services such as answers to all consulting questions related to high-pressure pump products, user guidance, and online staff training.

Advantages of Haisheng after-sales online technical support

  • Professional, efficient and convenient

  • Comprehensive protection of production and industrial process

  • Completely free

  • Haisheng's products provide after-sales service for life

In most cases, equipment failures are caused by prolonged overloading or by irregular human operations. As long as the material of the high-pressure pump and the high-pressure pump components are not affected or severely worn, our engineers can guide the customer online to restore the equipment or temporarily resume operation. When necessary, Haisheng provide global free on -site repair service.

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