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Provide solutions for customers

Haisheng's customer service department has a strict division of labor and cooperation with the project management department, technical department, sales department and other related departments, and there is a close relationship between them.

After the customer service department has sorted out the customer's needs, it will be handed over to the project management department to track the project. Throughout the process, each step is designed by the professionals at the current stage to design the most appropriate solution.

Finally, the project management department will draw a comprehensive solution based on the opinions of various departments, and submit it to the customer service department for feedback on the results.

Haisheng not only provides a complete pump system solution, but also provides professional advice based on the actual situation of customers and application areas. At Haisheng, customers will get the most professional solutions. Assist customers to start production or promote industrial processes with maximum efficiency.

Advantages of Haisheng Project Management

  • All services are provided by dedicated staffs

  • Provide customers with a complete set of customized professional solution

  • One-stop service from consultation to after-sales service

  • Conduct professional research on the industry in which the customer is located, and recommendation on products

  • Provide all the necessary expertise

  • Years of professional project management implementation experienc

Pre-sales Consulting Workflow Sketch

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