Cleaning & Removal Series
Cleaning & Removal Series

High pressure water jet is the ideal surface treatment method, the core of the whole solution is high pressure pump. High pressure water pressure, combined with different types of nozzles, can easily handle many surfaces that need to be treated.

High-pressure pumps for surface treatment can be applied in the fields of heat exchanger cleaning, paint stripping and deburring, road marking removal, building renovation, etc.

Heat exchanger cleaning

The normal working state of the heat exchanger is an effective guarantee for the quality of production. The stable operation of the heat exchanger ensures constant heat transfer. The heat exchanger cleaning is an important step. High pressure pump cleaning can minimize the use of chemicals,also it is the simplest and most effective method.

The high pressure water cleaning does not damage the mechanical structure. Different pressure and nozzle combinations can be applied to the mechanical surface of various materials.

Paint stripping and deburring

Different from traditional mechanical methods, high pressure water is non-destructive and more effective.

The high pressure water jet can accurately remove burrs and other residues on the surface of the workpiece, holes and grooves.

In terms of paint stripping, high pressure water jets with suitable paint removal nozzles remove paint with high efficiency and perfectly.

Road marking removal

The high-pressure water jet protects the base surface while removing the road markings. Proper pressure just eliminates road markings without damaging the road. In most cases, high pressure water removal is the best solution for both cleaning and removal efficiency.

Various road markings can be removed on pavements of various materials: stone, concrete, asphalt, metal, etc.

Building renovation

The restoration of the building's surface by high pressure pump includes new buildings and ancient buildings. Surface treatment is very challengeable especially for ancient buildings. There are significant advantages in using high pressure water jet for surface treatment. The high pressure water jet can be used for surface treatment of buildings without damage after proper matching and precise commissioning.

In treating concrete, high-pressure water jets can remove concrete without damage to the steel structure and the overall building structure. High pressure water jets do not produce any chemical, thermal, or sparking effects that are hazardous to the environment and they are highly accurate and efficient.

Can be used underwater.

Advantages of Haisheng cleaning & Removal Series

  • A variety of pressure and nozzle combinations to meet different demands

  • High pressure water jet can be precisely regulated

  • Customized for a variety of drive options, including diesel or gasoline engines, easy to be carried to the site

  • Design and provide a complete solution for customers

  • Precise settings to meet customer specific usage requirements

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