CO2 Extraction
CO2 Extraction

Supercritical carbon dioxide has a special dissolution effect on certain special natural products. Supercritical carbon dioxide solubility is affected by pressure and temperature. Therefore, by adjusting the pressure and temperature, the solvency of the supercritical carbon dioxide can be adjusted to achieve the expectation.

Precautions for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction in terms of pressure

The extraction pressure is one of the most important parameters of SFE (supercritical fluid extraction). When the extraction temperature is constant, the pressure increases, the fluid density increases, the solvent strength increases, and the solubility of the solvent increases. The extraction pressure is quite different for different substances.

Advantages of supercritical carbon dioxide technology

The operation is close to in-door temperature (34 to 39 ° C).

The most environmentally friendly extraction method.

Combining extraction and separation into one, increasing production efficiency and reducing cost.

Strong extraction ability, high extraction rate, high extraction efficiency Safty.

Advantages of Haisheng products in carbon dioxide extraction industries

  • Stable extraction pressure

  • Precise extraction pressure regulation

  • Multiple forms of customized high pressure pumps docked with different extraction devices

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