Fire-fighting Equipment
Fire-fighting Equipment

Fire water supplied by most fire water sources requires a fire pump to pressurize to meet the water pressure and water yield requirements during fire fighting. The failure of the pump due to improper installation and maintenance will inevitably affect the fire rescue and cause unnecessary losses. In this case, the quality of the fire pump must be stable and reliable. Haisheng provides customers with a variety of high quality fire pumps that can be used in a variety of fire fighting environments.

Haisheng provides fire-fighting high-pressure pumps including but not limited to the following:

Vehicle fire pump

Marine fire pump

Engineering fire pump

Water supplying fire pump

Pressure maintaining fire pump

Foam concentrate fire pump

Deep well fire pump

General fire pump

Fire pump performance and test requirements

Fire pumps have higher performance requirements than production pumps. The requirements for fire pumps vary from country to country.

Part of the performance requirements of the US NFPA20 for fire pumps are: the maximum flow of the fire pump should be 150% of the design value, and the flow of the constant pressure pump is 1-2L/S. At the same time, it is stipulated that a flow meter for measurement should be provided on the outlet pipe of the fire pump. The flow meter should be able to test 175% of the selected flow rate of the pump. The fire pump should have a pressure gauge with a diameter greater than 89 mm on the outlet pipe.

Advantages of Haisheng high pressure fire pump

  • Customized production according to relevant regulations of various countries and regions

  • Corrosion-resistant materials, etc., depending on different demands or requirements

  • Design different fire pump combination schemes and fire pump types according to demands or requirements

  • Stable working condition

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