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Reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation operation that separates solvent from solution, the driving force comes from the pressure difference. Because it is opposite to the direction of natural infiltration, it is called reverse osmosis.
According to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, the reverse osmosis pressure greater than the osmotic pressure can be applied as separation, extraction, purification and concentration
How reverse osmosis works
The principle of reinforcing the fiber web by the spunlace method is similar to that of the needle punching process, but instead of the needle, the water jet generated by the high pressure is used to spray the fiber web. Under the hydraulic action of the high-speed water jet interspersed in the fiber in the different directions, the fiber is displaced to strengthen the fiber web.
What are the applications of the fiber Spunlacing?
Place the same volume of dilute solution (such as fresh water) and concentrate (such as sea water or salt water) on both sides of one container, with a semi-permeable membrane blocking. The solvent in the dilute solution will naturally pass through the semi-permeable membrane and flow to the side of the concentrated solution. The difference in the height of the liquid on both sides will form a pressure difference and reach the equilibrium of the osmosis. This pressure difference is the osmotic pressure.
The magnitude of the osmotic pressure is determined by the type, concentration and temperature of the dope, regardless of the nature of the semipermeable membrane. If a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution side, the solvent in the concentrated solution will flow to the dilute solution. The flow direction of the solvent is opposite to the original infiltration direction. This process is called reverse osmosis.
Application of reverse osmosis technology
Seawater and brackish water desalination
Preparation of pure water and ultrapure water
Industrial wastewater treatment
Heavy metal wastewater treatment
Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment
Power plant circulating wastewater treatment
Chemical wastewater treatment
The application of Haisheng high pressure pump in reverse osmosis technology has the following advantages
  • Support continuous operation without interruption(except for downtime maintenance)

  • Multiple sizes can be customized to suit different needs

  • A variety of different designs for different media

  • Precise adjustment of pressure

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