Urea production
Urea production

Urea is one of the simplest organic compounds also known as carbamide,it is an organic compound composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. Urea is also the nitrogen fertilizer with the highest nitrogen content.

As a neutral fertilizer, urea is suitable for a variety of soils and plants. It is easy to store, easy to use, and has little effect on soil destruction. It is a chemical nitrogen fertilizer that is currently used in large quantities. Industrially, ammonia and carbon dioxide are used to synthesize urea under certain conditions.

Haber-Bosch produces urea and production requirements

The chemical reaction of industrial synthetic urea is as follows:


In order to press ammonia and intermediate methylamine into the reactor, high pressures are required. The high pressure pump provide a working pressure between 140 and 240 bar is an option. Large equipment requires 2,000 liters or more of ammonia per minute. Methylamine is extremely aggressive and corrosive. When the liquid is pumped, a high temperature of up to 130℃ is required to prevent the transport medium from crystallizing in the sealed area.

These pumps operate under the rigors of 24 hours of continuous operation and do not allow long downtime. The design of the liquid ammonia pump must take into account the special characteristics of the liquefied gas. Liquid ammonia has poor lubrication properties and is more compressible than water, so operational reliability is critical. When the ammonia gas flows out, a large amount of gas is formed, thereby displacing oxygen and causing the surrounding environment to freeze. This can be extremely dangerous for everyone in the vicinity.

Applications of urea

Application in cosmetics, medical, and agricultural

Chemical polishing for steel, stainless steel

Used as corrosion inhibitor in metal pickling, also used in the preparation of palladium activation solution

Feed additives

Additives in other commercial fields

Advantages of Haisheng high pressure pump in urea production

  • Structure design for easy maintenance

  • Simple delivery adjustment

  • Stable product quality

  • Meeting the capacity requirements of various large equipment

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