Pressure Testing
Pressure Testing

The pressure test pump is a device that uses high pressure liquid for detection and water pressure test. It provides high pressure in containers, pipes, valves, boilers, cylinders, fire equipment, etc.

Three main types of pressure test supported by the pressure test pump

Static pressure test

In different situations, set the specified time period and pressure on the test object and observe if the pressure changes.

Burst pressure test

The normal working pressure range and the safe pressure range of the test object are determined by applying increasing pressure on the test object until it fail to work.

Cyclic pressure test

Simulates the normal pressure load during the test object's operation. The pressure is variable during the test and the pressure changes periodically. According to the test results, the normal working cycle of the test object is judged.

Several common situations of stress testing

Various pressure tests are required for containers, sealed cans, pipes, etc. that maintain stable pressure.

Containers, sealed cans, pipes, etc. that need to measure the safe pressure range.

It is necessary to check the sealing properties of containers like sealed cans, pipes, valves, etc.

Advantages of Haisheng pressure test pump

  • Compact and reasonable

  • Huge pressure range can be customized

  • Easy to maintain

  • Including diesel, electric motor, gasoline engine and manual drive

  • Portability

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