Free training
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Free training

At the site of equipment installation or maintenance, Haisheng's technicians will conduct relevant initial training for customers. Make sure users are able to handle some of the problems they may encounter.

At Haisheng's headquarters, Haisheng provides more specialized and systematic staff training. The training includes theoretical and practical processes. The training content contains many necessary high-pressure pump production processes in order to help customers understand Haisheng's high-pressure pump products more systematically.

Haisheng accept customers to come to headquarters for systematic staff training, and each project is accompanied and guided by dedicated engineers. This service is also free

Advantages of HAIS staff training

  • Systematic high pressure pump knowledge training

  • Need to handle real cases

  • Accept targeted training from customer requirements

  • Including high pressure pump control system training

For some large-scale projects, if there is a need for technology or product docking, Haisheng also welcomes the project technicians to attend specific personnel training at Haisheng headquarters.

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