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Haisheng's customer service system, technology and products are the three core competitiveness of Haisheng.Since 1992, Haisheng has been developing in the machinery industry for 27 years. It is the earliest batch of technology-based private manufacturing enterprises since China's reform and opening up. During these 27 years, Haisheng has been exposed to various industries and is well aware of the needs of these industries and the importance of customer service.Haisheng is deeply aware that the purpose of meeting the ultimate needs of customers is the cornerstone of the survival and development of the enterprise.
Under this circumstance, Haisheng has established a complete customer service system. Haisheng's customer service includes three stages: pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale. Haisheng customer service ensures flawless equipment operation, guarantees customers' experience of products and meets the final needs of customers.
Haisheng's customer service system has created a number of free services such as high-pressure pump global free after-sales service, including but not limited to: free on-site installation, free on-site repair,some parts of the high pressure pump are replaced free of charge for life. These series of free customer service policies are designed to provide Haisheng's customers with the highest products quality and services to ensure the smooth progress of their production or industrial processes. Free and efficient solution to a series of problems that customers may encounter during the process of using high-pressure pumps, to ensure that customers can avoid all worries when purchasing and using Haisheng products.
As Haisheng claims, Haisheng's customer service is the most core competitive part except Haisheng's technology and products. Of course, all these policies are based on Haisheng's highly developed technology research capabilities, excellent product quality, and professional and efficient engineers group. Therefore, Haisheng has sufficient ability and sincerity to provide such perfect customer service.
At the same time, Haisheng not only provides high-pressure pump products and high-pressure pump services, but also produces and supplies all peripheral accessories related to high-pressure pumps. Located in China's most developed Yangtze River Delta region, Haisheng has the most convenient logistics facilities and the most developed industrial supply chain system in China. A one-stop shopping experience at Haisheng will increase your efficiency, and all products purchased in one-stop will be included in Haisheng's customer service system.
All of the following policies are applied to all the customers and products of Haisheng.