Customization of control and alarm systems
Customization of control and alarm systems

Haisheng's high-pressure pump control system includes the control of each module of the high-pressure pump, as well as the alarm system.

Haisheng's technical team will be responsible for assisting customers to dock existing control systems, or independently using the Haisheng high pressure pump's own control system, and accept customer customization of the control system.

In addition, each HAIS high-pressure pump is independently equipped with pressure and temperature sensors and alarms to monitor the operation of the high-pressure pump at any time. Predict the potential equipment risks ahead of time and ensure the smooth progress of the customer's production or industrial processes.

Advantages of Haisheng control and alarm system customization

  • Flexible control methods

  • Customizable control system

  • Maximize customer demand and control requirements for high pressure pump products

  • Independent sensor settings that are unaffected by the environment

The independent sensor setting monitors the operation of the high pressure pump at any time without being affected by the environment in which the high pressure pump product is located. No matter whether the control system or the power supply system fails, the sensor does not affect the continuous monitoring of the working state of the high-pressure pump product.

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