High pressure pump customization
High pressure pump customization

Haisheng offers highly customized high pressure pump products that cover almost the entire high pressure pump system, including but not limited to: media, flow, pressure, pump body, plunger, base, motor, arrangement, removable or Fixed, color matching, materials used, etc.

Haisheng designs, manufactures and commissions customized products according to the customer's demand for use, and finally provides free installation and use guidance worldwide.

Haisheng also produces high-pressure pump products that are supplied by customers with specific technical parameters or requirements.

Haisheng high pressure pump customization advantages

  • Highly customized high pressure pump products

  • Invention patents for a number of high pressure pump products

  • A number of patents for high pressure pump technology

  • Provide a number of customized solutions that take into account the cost-effectiveness of the customer, the convenience of maintenance and repair, energy saving, etc.

  • Stable and reliable high-pressure pump product quality

All of Haisheng's products are customized products to meet the needs of customers.Haisheng's high-pressure pump customization is not a modular assembly, but designed according to the customer's needs and produced after final confirmation of the design.

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