Water Jet Cutting
Water Jet Cutting

The pressure of the water jet is raised to above 2000 bar to make the water jet have great kinetic energy and can penetrate chemical fiber, wood, leather, rubber and so on. Mixing a certain proportion of abrasive in a high-speed water jet can penetrate almost all hard materials such as: ceramics, stone, glass, metal, alloy, etc.

Under the guidance of the 2D CNC machining platform, the machining starts or ends at any position of the material, and moves at an appropriate speed according to the set trajectory to realize the plane cutting processing of any graphic.

Advantages of water jet cutting

a.It can complete all kinds of special-shaped processing without cutting direction restrictions

b.The water knife produces minimal lateral force on the workpiece, which reduces set-up time and saves fixture costs

c.Water jet processing does not produce thermal deformation and does not require secondary processing, that saves time and manufacturing costs

d.Can easily cut stainless steel plates or hard marble, granite, etc.

e.Water jet cutting is an ideal or unique processing method for materials that are difficult to cut by other methods, such as aramid, titanium alloy and other composite materials.

f.No cracks are formed during the cutting process, it can cut materials in very narrow gaps.

g.It does not require secondary processing such as edging, and it can also reduce flying dust and improve the working environment during the cutting process.

Classification and form of water jet cutting

Pure water cutting and abrasive cutting, hydraulic pressurization and mechanical pressurization, gantry structure and cantilever structure.

Advantages of Haisheng high pressure water jet cutting

  • Haisheng can provide pump units up to 3000 bar pressure

  • Multiple nozzles are available

  • Precise adjustment of water jets

  • Continuously provide stable water jet pressure

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