Steel is oxidized at high temperatures, forming a dense layer of iron oxide (phosphorus) on its surface. If this layer of iron oxide can not be removed before rolling, they will be pressed into the surface of the material during the rolling process, and affect the quality of the product. If the strip needs to be pickled, the residual scale will increase the difficulty of pickling and increase the acid consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the scale of the surface before the slab is rolled. The method of removing the scale (high pressure water descaling) by the mechanical impact of high-pressure water is currently the most effective method.

Working principle and process of high pressure water descaling

In the descaling system, the high pressure water generated by the high pressure water pump enters the dephosphorization nozzle. Under the action of the nozzle, the high-pressure water forms a fan-shaped water beam with a large impact force, which is sprayed onto the surface of the billet (or intermediate billet). Under the action of this high-pressure fan-shaped water jet, the scale is subjected to a process of being cut, quenched, peeled off from the base metal, and washed away from the surface of the billet (or intermediate billet) to remove the scale.

When high pressure water is hit through the nozzle to the surface of the billet, the following changes occur:

a.The fan-shaped surface formed by the high pressure water flows like a sharp blade, which cuts the dense iron sheet and forms a crack. It can be seen that the thin fan has a greater impact force

b.The high-pressure water penetrates the crack and encounters the rapid vaporization and evaporation of the high-temperature base material to form a blasting effect, after that the iron oxide scale and the base metal are peeled off

c.The iron oxide skin shrinks after being impacted by water, producing transverse shear force, which causes the iron oxide scale and the base metal to be peeled off.

d.The scouring action of the water jet with a forward rake washes away the loose iron sheet.

What are the applications of the fiber Spunlacing?

The use of spunlace non-woven fabrics is medical curtains, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, medical dressing materials, wound dressings, medical gauze, aviation rags, garment lining fabrics, coated base fabrics, disposable materials, and instrumental advanced rags. , electronic industry advanced rags, towels, cotton pads, wipes, mask covering materials.

Advantages of Haisheng high pressure pump descaling

  • The output pump flow of the pump changes due to the material of the billet and the dephosphorization speed, and the output power of the motor also changes.

  • The flow and pressure adjustments relies on setting the pressure transmitter, which is easy to operate and highly automated.

  • Good energy saving, low system water consumption and power consumption, low operating cost

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