Free on-site installation and commissioning
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Free on-site installation and commissioning
Installation and commissioning of high pressure pump products requires professional technicians. Installation and commissioning of high pressure pumps requires docking different production lines or facing different work environments. Haisheng will dispatch professional technicians with rich experience in installation and commissioning in this specific application field to provide on-site service. The installation and commissioning is generally carried out after the comprehensive analysis on site.
Haisheng not only provides a complete pump system solution, but also provides professional advice based on the actual situation of customers and application areas. At Haisheng, customers will get the most professional solutions. Assist customers to start production or promote industrial processes with maximum efficiency.
Advantages of Hasisheng free on-site installation and commissioning
  • Global free on-site installation and commissioning

  • Dispatching specific technicians responsible for specific industries

  • Responsible for docking the customer's production line, modification and upgrading of the high-pressure pump will be taken on site when necessary

The installation of the pump includes the installation of other components required for the equipment to be put into operation, such as control systems, sensors, and docking with the production line. The on-site staff has professional installation experience in various application areas.
In order to ensure the perfect operation of the product and the perfect connection with the production line, Haisheng technicians will confirm the normal operation of the equipment with the customer after the installation on site.
In order to provide sufficient technical staff to provide better service to customers, free on-site installation and commissioning service is only open for Haisheng's high-pressure pump customers, or Haisheng one-stop customers.
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